Friday, February 25, 2011

I love my dog.

Why write a post to my dog? Because sometimes when I'm driving and he looks at me in the rearview mirror, I am overcome with love. Because his audible yawns in the morning provide the most gentle alarm clock a girl could have. Because he gets 'helicopter' tail when he's at his happiest. Because he is a rumpled mess of fur and dreadlocks, but he thinks he looks great. Because he hates the rain and stepping in puddles, but LOVES to get toweled off. Because he is lying on the floor next to me even though we have multiple rooms where he could be. Because he gets so excited when my husband comes home that he wags his tail uncontrollably knocking things off every surface. Because he loves me so much that I find my discarded socks, bras, t-shirts and pajamas in his bed. Because he still has the capacity to surprise me, even though he is so predictable. Because he gives kisses on command. Because he sits at the vet office and doesn't freak out when an errant bulldog tries to bite him. Because his paws smell like popcorn. Because he thinks squeaking toys are the most amazing thing a person could give him. Because he somehow knows to be gentle with babies and old people. Because he loves my dad and my brother, even though men make him a little nervous. Because his bark is big enough, his stature imposing enough to be our alarm system/theft prevention device. Because he tries to sit on my lap, even though he is 103 pounds. Because he never allows me to feel lonely.

Porter has been the single best addition to our lives since our wedding on 10/14/06. Even on a day like today (rain on top of snow forming slushy puddles the size of swimming pools) he makes me get outside to walk and breathe fresh air. His uncompromising desire to smell every little rock makes me pause to observe the world around me. Despite the plethora of furballs, the chewed shoes from puppyhood, the responsibility of owning him, I am so grateful for his life, his quirks, his funny personality.

Porter, we love you so much. I just wanted to let you know. I hope we tell you enough.
The day we adopted our little "Bumpers"

I spent every morning of his first 4 weeks at our house holding a bully stick for him to chew.

His first bed.
Snuggles with Mom.
Porter helps Jon with tile removal during our first home renovation.
17 weeks old.

Fall in the Pioneer Valley, our new home.
Porter loves the snow.

Our 2010 Christmas Photo

Showing off his Capt'n Hook whiskers. Porter love to snuggle. And so does Jon.

Looking rather regal with the Holyoke Range behind him.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

See...there's this thing I haven't mentioned.

So back, oh, one month and three days ago Jon and I put an offer down on a house. For normal people, putting an offer down on a house is something they discuss and share widely...asking for advice, approval, whatever. Jon and I were convinced that we would jinx the process if we started talking about it, so we kept it to ourselves and our families.

The past weeks have been chaotic, fun, exciting, busy, and intense. And the whole process will culminate, hopefully, on March 1st with a successful closing! Yah...normal people don't really go from not looking for a house to buy and then buying one within 1.5 months. We, if you haven't already figured out, are not normal. The opportunity was just too good. The house was just too dreamy. This house will be our 5th residence and 3rd owned home in just 4.5 years of marriage!

The house is so completely different from our past homes: It's in, brand new, never been lived in. It's a GREEN in, efficient, geothermal heating/cooling system, super insulated, thoughtfully situated on the land to maximize natural sunlight, and built of as many sustainable and reclaimed materials as possible. And it's out in the country (more like mountains), as in, rural.

I think it's as close to a perfect blend of Jon's taste and my taste as a house could get. It's a new, eco-friendly house with character and good architectural details. My dream is to throw some photovoltaic panels on the south facing roof and get off the grid. Here's a sampling of the new abode. More photos once it is legally and officially ours:

Here's the front of the house. Love that porch and the awesome stonework stairs! I'm thinking of painting the doors red.

Best room in the house. The south facing sunroom w/ double sided fireplace.

The sunroom is on the other side of the fireplace. This "great room" is open to the kitchen and will be an open dining area and living area.
And here's the icing on the cake: the view from the back of the house. Rural, yet only 6 miles to Jon's job and 15 to mine.