Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feeling Crafty

Since we moved in almost one year ago (WHAT?), I have done very little to actually decorate. My thought was that I would wait until our house in Maine sold to get busy on this house. Maybe I just needed a break after putting so much effort into Maine, then moving twice in one year? Whatever it was, I'm feeling like it's definitely time to get down to business here in the woods of Western Massachusetts. It's lacrosse season, and for a coach's wife, that means lots of time to futz around on my own.

So futzing, I have begun. Last weekend I dusted off my trusty sewing machine and created a curtain and two valences for my office at work. (In the middle of these projects, Coach made a really great point: "So, you do remember that we don't have any curtains in our house, right?")
Our school has a vintage feel - and because my office is right on the main hallway, I wanted to pick a fabric that worked for me...and for the existing decor. I think I succeeded (and even managed 100% cotton for $7.99/yard at my local Joann's!)

I made my door curtain double sided so that when the door is closed, it still looks nice and put together.

I lined the valences so they last for a LONG time. I feel like I made them too short, but my office doesn't get much sunlight and I definitely didn't want to lose the little bit that I get.

So what should I tackle next? Our house is still painted with "contractor's choice neutrals," which are great and non-offensive...but our bedroom is a light moss green color that I don't mind...but isn't my first choice. So paint and curtains for the master bedroom is next. Okay - I've said it out loud, in writing. First step to getting it done, right?


  1. Go Susanna! I love the fabric choice, they look great, and what a great idea to warm up and create a bit of office privacy.

    So what color for the BR? I loved the color of the Gardiner MB, will you do something similar? I may need to come and visit soon :-)

  2. I'm so excited to see your completed projects! And they look excellent - great job! You can tell Coach that this was practice (we know about that, don't we??) before moving on to a larger project, like your bedroom.

  3. Um, can I say how impressed I am (and lucky your school is)?! Even when I was sewing a lot (for me), I couldn't just whip that up. Clearly that skill runs in the family :)

  4. I'm so glad to read your post today. It's good to see your sewing skills and I might add that it looks great. I really like that fabric.
    Your mother has got me so psyched about sewing with her blog. So I am embarking on my own retro project right now with a dress pattern from 1950. Right now I'm going back and forth on the right fabric.
    I'll keep you posted!