Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're in!

Sorry for the long lapse in time since my last post! We're in. Well...we're mostly in. Of course today is June 30th, which means we will be totally in by midnight tonight. Our lease expires as of July 1st and I still need to go over to the shanty to clean/move out the last remaining items.

The new house feels so big inside! And even though I promised myself not get overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs attention, I have become overwhelmed. No matter how hard you try to see all of the little problems while viewing a house, you can never see all the problems.

One problem with our new place that I didn't really notice while walking through during inspection is the condition of the windows. Most on the second floor are in pretty bad condition. Broken sash cords, chipping paint, just plain bad putty jobs done in the past. We really have our work cut out. But hey...at least they're pretty, right? Hah.

A few annoyances in the electrical system have become apparent as well: both Jon and I have electric toothbrushes, you know those really fancy Sonicare ones? Well, it turns out that the only plug in the only bathroom is connected to the light switch. So the light has to be on for the plug to work, which means our toothbrushes will never charge all the way.

This little electrical issue and the fact that while the claw foot tub is awesome for baths, it's not really all that fun to highstep naked and sleepy-eyed into the shower every morning, have helped us prioritize our 'projects':

First up: gutting the entire secondfloor el (in New England, additions are called els). There is an el on the back of the house that is definitely run down and we've decided to gut it and add a bathroom, closet and master bedroom- making that our master suite. Hopefully the electrician will remember to put the light switch and outlets on different supplies! We are going to gut the room ourselves, and will probably have a contractor help with framing and the roof, which needs to be replaced (plus I really want to add two dormer windows...right Jon?). It's fun to dream about the possibilities. The space is limited, but an extra bathroom (and one with modern conveniences) will be AMAZING. This will wait until after the 4th of July, as my parents and brother will arrive in 2 days! If it's still raining for their visit...I might put them to work. ;)
The cable company came today to turn on our internet and t.v....so the blogging can pick up in pace again.

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  1. I can't wait to see how you make this an incredible home!